Laser Therapy

The Closest Thing To A Magic Wand...

What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is an outpatient, non-surgical procedure that is used to rapidly decrease pain and inflammation. Even more important is the fact that cold laser therapy has been shown to be able to regenerate the damaged cartilage on the surfaces of the joints. The energy from the laser accelerates the growth of the cartilage cells, helping the joints glide more smoothly with less pain.

Our therapy is completely non-invasive. It only takes minutes, and you'll feel no pain during treatment.

Laser therapy has been known to lessen arthritis pain. Feel relief faster from our treatments!



“Dr. Hanson’s laser treatments have decreased my pain and increased my mobility

by 50% in only six sessions. I’m very pleased with my progress.”

- Thomas Karl, Woodbury, MN

Laser therapy is safe to use on children, seniors,

and even people with pacemakers for many different musculoskeletal conditions:

•  Arthritic pain, sciatica

•  Muscle aches, hip pain

•  Knee problems, tennis elbow

•  Sprains and strains

•  Plantar fasciitis, foot pain

•  Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis

•  Fibromyalgia, and more


Dr. Hanson added laser therapy to his chiropractic care in 2004. Since then, he has treated hundreds of patients with neck, back and shoulder pain, rotator cuff problems, whiplash, headaches, plantar fasciitis pain, and more.

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"After 5 treatments, the

pain was totally gone.”

- J. McAndrew