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Foot Pain? - Do this now...

There are a number of foot issues I see on a daily basis that can basically be broken into 2 separate groups.

#1- Joint problems - ex. Metatarsalgia and bunions

#2- Soft tissue problems - ex.Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendon pain

Both of these two 'types' of foot problems will cause significant pain and many times become debilitating. The core issue with these types of foot problems many times is lack of proper motion in the joints of the foot and ankle.

Looking at the foot as a whole we can address the core issue of lack of proper motion with two simple at home techniques that can help a lot, especially if your foot problems are not chronic or severe.

Do these 2 things today and get your feet moving better and feeling better.

#1) Ankle/Calf stretch- This stretch will primarily stretch the calf muscles and the Achilles tendon while also increasing ankle flexion. This stretch can be done anywhere you find a wall and keep in mind when you preform this stretch that you are stretching the foot that is back. Keep the heel on ground and bend your ankle until you feel a nice pull on the entire back of the lower leg and ankle. See previous post about how long to stretch.

#2) Roll your foot on a ball- This is a great and easy mobilization technique to loosen the joints and muscles in the mid foot and toes. Any tennis ball sized ball will work fine, baseball, lacrosse ball, etc. Perform this seated with the ball on the ground and basically just roll your foot over the ball and dig in to the sore spots.

WARNING: It is not advised to do either of these above mentioned stretches if you have an acute(recent) injury or if you have a severe or chronic foot problem.

Dr. Hanson

Office # - 651-430-3229

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