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Sciatica Symptoms:

  • Pain that radiates from the lower back and/or buttocks and down the back of the leg

  • The pain may feel sharp, burning, aching, or like a jolt.

  • Pain may be worse when coughing, sneezing, or  prolonged sitting.

  • May also experience burning, numbness, or tingling


Sciatica symptoms typically appear when the large Sciatic nerve gets compressed or irritated in the lumbar spine and/or buttocks muscles.  This type of problem many times will only get worse over time if not dealt with properly.  If left unchecked, the pain can becomes excruciating and the path to recovery can take much longer. 

The Good News Is...We Can Help!

Our program uses advanced technology and whole body solutions

to get you out of pain FAST

About Our Treatment Program


Many people do not realize that 'Sciatica' is simply a term for a set of symptoms (back and leg pain, numbness etc.) and is not a condition in and of itself.  This is an important distinction because, to relieve the symptoms, its vital to get to the underlying cause of the pain.  This is what we do.

Sciatica symptoms can come from a number of sources including the back, hip muscles, etc.  We'll get to the root of what is causing your symptoms and design a custom treatment plan for your unique situation.  Our goal is to get you out of pain and back to an active life ASAP.

What Makes Us Different

New Technology

Dr. Hanson as been using painless Laser Therapy for over a decade on thousands of patients to accelerate healing and reduce inflammation on the spot.  Sciatica is no match for this technology!

Doctor with Files
Custom Approach

Everyone is different and every case of Sciatica is different.  This is why we customize each treatment plan to specifically focus on your unique problem and do all things necessary to get you out of pain fast.

Yoga by the Ocean
Lasting Results

Unlike other treatments that only help temporarily, our focus is to remove the source of your pain for a lasting result that won't come back.  We do this by finding the underlying reason for your sciatica and solving that issue.


Surgery is not inevitable for those with spine and nerve problems.  We have helped hundreds of patients relieve their discomfort, regain an active lifestyle, and get back to a pain free life - all without the risks and potential complications of drugs or surgery.

After Treatment, Many Of Our Patients Experience:

Return To Active Lifestyle

No more time wasted suffering with back and leg pain

Real Relief

Start seeing improvements right awy


"After 5 treatments, the

pain was totally gone.”

- J. McAndrew

Drug Free

Relief without pills, shots, or surgery

Improved Mood

Eliminating chronic pain elevates mood and makes life more enjoyable


- Thomas Karl, Woodbury, MN

“Dr. Hanson’s laser treatments have decreased my pain and increased my mobility by 50% in only six sessions. I’m very pleased with my progress.”

Bridgeview Chiropractic & Laser

1970 Northwestern Ave. Suite 400

Stillwater, MN 55082

We Are A Medicare Provider

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